Chabad at ECSU

Chabad at ECSU was founded in order to build a Jewish Student Community by promoting Jewish pride, study and celebration for all Jews regardless of background or affiliation.

    Founded on strong personal relationships, Chabad educates and empowers students to live the Joy of Judaism.

    Rabbi Shlomo and Shaindel Hecht, directors of Chabad at UConn, welcome all ECSU students to join our diverse programming.


Shabbat at Chabad
You are invited to Shabbat at Chabad.
Each week. Same time. Same place.

Friday Night Dinner: 6 PM
Shabbat Day Services & Kiddush: 1 PM
At Chabad House

Great food, no charge.
Sinai Scholars Society
Sinai Scholars Society
Sign up for an eight week course for the Fall Semester that will challenge your mind and warm your soul.
The class is limited to twenty students and a $360 stipend will be given to those who complete the course.
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Mayanot Birthright Israel
Mayanot Birthright Israel
There's Birthright, and there's Birthright with Mayanot.
Join the UConn/ECSU trip for a FREE ten day experience in Israel this winter/summer break!
Click on icon to reserve your spot today.

Check out last trip's photos in our gallery.
Get Protected, Get Mezuzah!
Get Protected, Get Mezuzah!
Get Protected! Chabad offers a Free Mezuzah to all Jewish students at ECSU.

Just give us a call and we'll be right over to hang up your new Mezuzah in your dorm room or home.
Learning Opportunities
Learning Opportunities
Chabad offers an array of learning opportunities for the ECSU Jewish Student.
Gain Knowledge & become empowered!
Places and times vary and are free of charge.
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Loaves of Love
Loaves of Love
Discover a new twist on Challah Baking.
Shape and Bake your Challah and deliver it to an elderly or lonely person in our town.
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