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  • Passover at UConn Chabad invites you to beautiful Seders that feel like home! Meaningful, warm and delicious complete with home made brisket and Shaindel's famous chicken soup!

    Click here to R.S.V.P. or to Sponsor a Student!

    Click here to R.S.V.P. or Sponsor a Student at the Seder!

    Passover at UConn!
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I was recently asked about a supposedly Jewish “custom” of a girl being slapped across her face by her mother upon getting her first menstrual period. I was shocked by how many online commentators thought this came from Jewish teachings
To get some understanding of the varying customs, let’s begin by explaining why some repeat it at all.
Careful scrutiny of the text (and the Midrashic subtext) reveals that some of these heroes lived with life-altering disabilities
I learned that Judaism has beautiful traditions that comfort and aide us when we’re in pain, and also when we experience joy. I saw up close that it’s possible to live a Jewish life.
Nadab and Abihu are mentioned briefly in Scripture as two men who came too close to G-d and died in the Tabernacle under mysterious circumstances.
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