It's Chanukah...
and it's almost finals week at UConn!
Show your child you care!
Send a Chanukah care package today!
Dear Parents,
Happy Chanukah!  
We wish to offer you an opportunity to send a Chanukah care package to your child at UConn! 

The Chanukah care packages include a platter of hot Latkes, apple sauce, donut, chocolate gelt and a drink.

For an $18.00 donation, you are able to purchase one for your 
favorite husky by clicking on the link below.

Packages can be picked up Monday 12/3 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM at the UCONN Library entrance. 
(If your child cannot make it at above time, please have them 
contact us before hand).

Warm wishes for a joyous Chanukah, 

Rabbi Shlomo & Shaindel Hecht
Chabad at UConn


Purchase your Chanukah care package today!