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  • Passover Seders with ChabadDelicious hand baked Matzot, Three Course Dinner, Meaningful & Fun!

    Monday, April 10 at 7:30 PM & Tuesday, April 11 at 7:30 PM.
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  • UConn Shabbat Dinner Shabbat Live! A weekly Jewish Awesome Experience! Home made Challah, Matzah Ball Soup and good company. Drop in Friday Nights at 6:00, Chabad!

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  • How to Break—Or Make—SomeoneWords are empowering. Words encourage us to reach unbelievable goals. But words can also destroy.... Read More
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In stereotypical Jewish fashion, allow me please to answer your question through asking yet another question. Why can't the circumcision wait until the child grows older?
He looks so strong in his tallit and tefillin, with the determination of a man prepared to fight, yet with the resignation of one discovering that his life is not in his control.
I demand of my heart, no tears at Auschwitz.
Walking out of his office into the empty hallway, I broke down in a fit of bitter tears. After I composed myself, I headed out of the building.
Brit Milah carries the promise of three rewards: the divine presence, the land of Israel, and the royal House of David. What is the connection between these three gifts and the covenant of circumcision?
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